The Bands (timeline)

pre 1997: PPTKO is only in the mind

1996: PPTKO Live band - JC, Andy, Mike, Nate

1997: Live band loses Mike and Nate - it goes away as all things do.

1998: Short-lived PPTKO live band

1998: JC releases "blue".
Some example reviews from the blue/contagion era:

"Polly [PUt the Kettle On] is a one-man rock band out of Utah, with Simonsen writing and performing all songs.... Simonsen uses his lo-fi equipment to excellent advantage, creating lush and buzzy guitar soundscapes to accompany his emotionally-charged vocals and lyrics. The best track on the eleven-track album is entitled "The Next Step." It is an instrumental piece with Spanish-style guitars intricately interwoven into a music-box melody. Another excellent track is "Keep the Light," a song about a man trying to openly express his deepest soul to someone who is constricted with fear."
--Craig Conley of

"Blue and Contagion, are a style of music that no one has ever heard before. JC states some of his influences ... but his style is one all it's own. If you are looking for something new and different that you haven't heard yet ... then you should definately look into [the] cds."
--Dusty Heaton via IUMA

"There's no lack of bass slappin' and wokka-wokka riffs here. Polly PUt the Kettle on specialize in funky rock with grungy, gravely vocals and an underlying groove."
--Kali H. @

1999: Met a kid from Sweden that was pretty cool (Patrick)

2000: JC Releases "Contagion"

2000: Another short-lived PPTKO live band
Some images of this band:



2001: Started thinking about doing a promotional album called "Distorted Vision"
This was the concept cover for 'Distorted Vision':


2004: JC releases "Between the Lines"

2008: After 4 busy years JC releases "One Man Screaming"

Future: Barring death - JC Releases 5th album