Contagion Tracks:
1. Rise
2. Broken Glass
3. Cell
4. Want to Know
5. Someone to Blame
6. Give
7. Who Could See
8. Inside of You
9. The Day we All Fell Down
10. Castaway

Someone to Blame


come to see the plan its never enough give your gift but still its never correct step up to the front you can sell your soul but the crowd won't listen can't feel at all are you there to comfort me or are you there to cover me with shame THERE'S GOT TO BE SOMEONE TO BLAME GOT TO GIVE IT A NAME WE'RE ALL THE SAME why can't someone FEEL the same? competition's on odds against me but it doesn't matter what i have felt its all developed from what shaped me and we'll never agree can't you tell? do you plan to listen to me or do you plan to bend the words that i'm saying? memory slips down a lonely road and time is looking for a cause all i need is just a hand to hold but i know puppets can't be blamed and the strings themselves are ingrained