Contagion Tracks:
1. Rise
2. Broken Glass
3. Cell
4. Want to Know
5. Someone to Blame
6. Give
7. Who Could See
8. Inside of You
9. The Day we All Fell Down
10. Castaway



saw you in a vision pale light mist can seem to be its own cold shadow once had time to listen now i hardly care one more coloration falsify it's own true nature close your eyes clear your mind leave what you own now hold my hand and spin the wheel around alone softness, gentle pleasure wind lifting my hair no sign here of pressure but there's no one anywhere that i can care for lifeless and abandoned this doesn't seem like what i asked for what did i ask for? IF YOU LET THE DARKNESS COVER YOUR EYES YOU'LL LIVE YOUR LIFE IN BLINDNESS BLINDNESS EVERYONE IS NERVOUS ASKING IS THIS LIFE SO WORTHLESS AS YOU SAY? GIVE IT AWAY