Contagion Tracks:
1. Rise
2. Broken Glass
3. Cell
4. Want to Know
5. Someone to Blame
6. Give
7. Who Could See
8. Inside of You
9. The Day we All Fell Down
10. Castaway

Inside of You


two years ago soldier was taken prisoner never make it home no home washed his mind of all his purpose gods they were his own thoughts worthless their torment his delight though he smiled it wasn't real and wasn't right i will never leave here i will haunt this hall forever my image it remains a part of you DOUBLE MEANINGS WASHED IN FEELINGS BLOOD AND TEARS MY VEINS ARE SEETHING BURNING OUT MY SOUL IT WILL CONSUME YOU'LL NEVER KNOW YOU WILL NEVER KNOW BUT EVERYWHERE YOU GO I'LL BE THERE TOO INSIDE OF YOU two years long soldier was beaten please he said my mother take me home suspended figure up in chains where all could curse and foul his name through cracks of light he saw his life but trapped his pain within well out of sight you gave your soul away and now you fall it doesn't matter what is wrong 'cause what is owed to you has been laid down and now the answers are all gone