Blue Tracks:
1. If it's Alright with You
2. Fine (acoustic)
3. Necessary Pain
4. Keep the Light
5. Silence Tells
6. Sneaking up From Behind
7. Waiting
8. Won't Make It
9. Fine (electric)
10. As It Burns
11. The Next Step

If it's Alright with You


having trouble breathing 'cause i'm all choked up inside having trouble reaching you yeah i'm reaching for you having trouble reaching you 'cause you're all wrapped up inside of you having trouble seeing i've got something in my eyes i can color you a rainbow but i can't hang it in the sky without you BABY I'D BE A BETTER MAN FOR YOU IF I COULD SEE THE WORLD THE WAY YOU DO THROUGH YOUR EYES BUT LIFE IS LIT BY EXPERIENCE AND EACH ONE WITH THEIR OWN LITTLE LIGHT having trouble telling you the way you light my life laughing at myself because i know that everything is going to be alright if it's alright with you