Blue Tracks:
1. If it's Alright with You
2. Fine (acoustic)
3. Necessary Pain
4. Keep the Light
5. Silence Tells
6. Sneaking up From Behind
7. Waiting
8. Won't Make It
9. Fine (electric)
10. As It Burns
11. The Next Step

Silence Tells


it's so important to us that you listen to us so give us some time i'm dying to tell ya dying to tell don't go i know where you're going to i'm sick of the lies so don't try it i'm going to tell what's on my mind i've seen enough and i'm tired so what if i'm young i'm tired AND YOU'RE SILENT YOUR SILENCE TELLS SO DON'T SAY ANYMORE I ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOU'RE SILENT YOUR SILENCE TELLS SO JUST TRY YOUR EYES 'CAUSE THIS TIME YOU'VE BEEN FORGIVEN so tired no way to find you no way to follow after you bury me with all the times i've tried to find you turn the rock you're under so you think that i'm too numb to feel it when you come to my door surround the door break down the door what are you looking for out in the bright light right now slipping down it's gone now you know how it goes you know it goes out burns out