Blue Tracks:
1. If it's Alright with You
2. Fine (acoustic)
3. Necessary Pain
4. Keep the Light
5. Silence Tells
6. Sneaking up From Behind
7. Waiting
8. Won't Make It
9. Fine (electric)
10. As It Burns
11. The Next Step

Keep the Light


why are we all so afraid to share what we have in our soul she's afraid of me once again i'd never steal her soul there's a place down deep where the picture's not complete i never dared to think there was one who had the key open me up again still there is no will and no way she thinks she has to break to make it real and then there is no life there's not life anyway HOLD ME LIVE ME LOVER LIVE RED FLOWER BLEED FOR ME I NEVER ASKED ANOTHER AS YOU RUN AWAY FROM ME OVERFLOWING TIME I WAIT I BREATHE YOUR AIR IN SLEEP DON'T LET IT GO I PRAY MY LOVE TO KEEP THE LIGHT INSIDE OF ME