Blue Tracks:
1. If it's Alright with You
2. Fine (acoustic)
3. Necessary Pain
4. Keep the Light
5. Silence Tells
6. Sneaking up From Behind
7. Waiting
8. Won't Make It
9. Fine (electric)
10. As It Burns
11. The Next Step

Necessary Pain


i can't remember a thing you should know i was only five years old you can't lose what you have when you really don't have at all you really should know would you please listen to me i don't want it to be this way but you're asking for pain you want to get back lost time you're crazy it's too late for this i'd like to ask you to try but why bother don't have a brother there's nothing to miss it's a necessary pain BUT YOU MAKE IT SO HARD WHY I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU MAKE IT SO HARD just get off my back i've got a load without this you see and you're making it harder for me it's a necessary pain