Blue Tracks:
1. If it's Alright with You
2. Fine (acoustic)
3. Necessary Pain
4. Keep the Light
5. Silence Tells
6. Sneaking up From Behind
7. Waiting
8. Won't Make It
9. Fine (electric)
10. As It Burns
11. The Next Step

Sneaking up From Behind


conscience now becomes an issue will i ever get back what i lose carefree now is how i miss you i shouldn't have to prove my love for you I CAN FEEL MY TORTURE SNEAKING UP BEHIND ME CONNECTING FEAR WITH INNER VIEW DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I WOULD WISH MY LIFE REWINDED I MIGHT STILL DO WHAT I STILL DO hate the concrete heart i own that bit you could you really feel that you were free if you didn't leave for one who wouldn't let you request won't make it just for me