One Man Screaming
One Man Screaming Tracks:
1. Complicated Mess
2. Angst
3. Walk With You
4. Burned Appendages
5. Power
6. My Crime
7. Angel
8. Same Mistakes
9. Crystal Ball
10. Rescued
11. Better than I Am

Walk With You


it's hard to imagine and it's hard to control the long moonlight talks and the afternoon strolls all of the innocence and love in your eyes together in everything and i realized that YOU AND I HAD FINALLY FOUND OUR HOME NOW THAT I'VE FOUND THE ONE I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO ALONE i walked with you there in our time i ran my hands through your hair and held your hand in mine i wedded you there in the moonlight bound together with dreams and leave the world behind so YOU AND I COULD FINALLY FIND OUR HOME NOW THAT I'VE FOUND THE ONE I HAVE NEVER FELT SO ALONE i love you girl and each day that goes by i think of the love that we both lost and i cry wherever you go girl and whatever you do i'd like you to know that in my dreams I STILL WALK WITH YOU