One Man Screaming
One Man Screaming Tracks:
1. Complicated Mess
2. Angst
3. Walk With You
4. Burned Appendages
5. Power
6. My Crime
7. Angel
8. Same Mistakes
9. Crystal Ball
10. Rescued
11. Better than I Am

My Crime


a whisper in the dark you draw me near telling me i have nothing to fear oh my lady i am breaking i find that i don't have the will to resist calling me softly as if you know i'll come swearing i'll always be your only one oh baby i must be crazy you know you can lead me into your web though if i knew the truth i would rather be dead so slowly draw me into my grave letting me believe that my soul can still be saved ANYTHING YOU WANT FROM ME OR ANYTHING YOU NEED ANYTHING YOU WANT YOU'LL STEEL FROM ME MY CRIME IS I BELIEVE IN YOU sewing threads of lies you tell pull the strings tie the knots well oh my lady won't you save me you know that i believe you will and you will won't you? trusting in my last lifeline believing what i think i see in your eyes oh my baby could you betray me you know you can tangle me up in your web when all is said and done they'll find me lying here dead with such precision you put all your pawns in their place letting me believe that my heart was safe