One Man Screaming
One Man Screaming Tracks:
1. Complicated Mess
2. Angst
3. Walk With You
4. Burned Appendages
5. Power
6. My Crime
7. Angel
8. Same Mistakes
9. Crystal Ball
10. Rescued
11. Better than I Am



little child i'll cover up your innocent eyes so the world outside won't frighten you tonight i wish i could tell you none of this was real that the world outside could feel the pain i know you will feel SOMEDAY WE'LL BE RESCUED BY THE ANGELS ALL OUR SINS WILL WASH AWAY SOMEDAY OUR CHILDREN WILL BE ABLE TO SAY THE MEMORY OF THE PAIN IS GONE as a man i've always tried to choose the light to give you the life i know that you deserve but now it comes down to this all my mistakes come to fruition the other side have come to claim their due