One Man Screaming
One Man Screaming Tracks:
1. Complicated Mess
2. Angst
3. Walk With You
4. Burned Appendages
5. Power
6. My Crime
7. Angel
8. Same Mistakes
9. Crystal Ball
10. Rescued
11. Better than I Am

Same Mistakes


you let your innocence deceive you you let your dark perspective dig your grave your reputation must precede you 'cause everything you've done gives you away I KNOW THAT I HAVE SUNG THIS SONG BEFORE SO WHAT DO I HAVE LEFT TO SAY I WONDER HAVE I EVEN LIVED THIS LIFE BEFORE AM I RELIVING ALL THE SAME MISTAKES digging deeper down through shifting sands all the promises you've broken washing your hands of all your lies your past will never see the light there's nothing else that feels so empty as knowing you don't even try to save this man from constant failure you dare to look me in the eye