One Man Screaming
One Man Screaming Tracks:
1. Complicated Mess
2. Angst
3. Walk With You
4. Burned Appendages
5. Power
6. My Crime
7. Angel
8. Same Mistakes
9. Crystal Ball
10. Rescued
11. Better than I Am

Better than I Am


all my life, searching for the answers biding time, missing the truth living lies, slipping through the back door and i don't know if i can go home no i don't know if i can go home nobody knows what i've done no i don't think they'd understand THOUGH I TRIED TO BE A BETTER MAN THAN I AM it's a long way down and i've licked every bone there's no way out this is my home now i wouldn't know a preacher from the devil and i don't know just where you stand the actions will reveal the man but my story was written in sand you'll never know the end