Between the Lines
Between the Lines Tracks:
1. All of the Answers
2. Evil Thing
3. Nailed
4. Winning Hand
5. Will to Shine
6. Hard to Say
7. Don't Give up
8. Memories
9. Killing Time
10. To Fly
11. You Don't Know
12. Covert Oscillations

Between theLines is the 3rd album from PPTKO.

Released in early 2004, this album had a renewed energy and an unabashed eclecticism that will surprise some.

The tracks were written during four very busy years. Half of the content was originally composed as a "whisper" recorded at 2 am from my basement apartment in Provo UT. Yes I know how to be loud but I also know how to respect the people living above me. At the end of 2003 I had graduated at last from my extended college career. I moved to Sugarhouse and made room in the dirt-floor basement of my new rental house for my equipment.

A year and a half later the album hit the streets.