Between the Lines
Between the Lines Tracks:
1. All of the Answers
2. Evil Thing
3. Nailed
4. Winning Hand
5. Will to Shine
6. Hard to Say
7. Don't Give up
8. Memories
9. Killing Time
10. To Fly
11. You Don't Know
12. Covert Oscillations

All of the Answers


i've seen rivers running but i don't know where they go i've seen flowers blooming but i don't know why they grow I'M WAITING HERE FOR ALL OF THE ANSWERS CAN YOU TELL ME HOW IT ENDS I WANT TO KNOW WHY THE MOMENTS FLY AWAY ALL THE WAY TO THE END the sun goes down in a red sky and the night is filled with stars can you tell me where i'm going i've lost my way in the dark the leaves on the trees are falling i guess this life is too hard