Between the Lines
Between the Lines Tracks:
1. All of the Answers
2. Evil Thing
3. Nailed
4. Winning Hand
5. Will to Shine
6. Hard to Say
7. Don't Give up
8. Memories
9. Killing Time
10. To Fly
11. You Don't Know
12. Covert Oscillations

Evil Thing


you said you would never give up and i said i'd show you the way but you slipped right out and we lost you so why should we listen to the things that people say BUT YOU KNOW THAT I CAN SEE YOU NOW THE GOLDEN GIRL TAKING THE STAGE THERE'S A MILLION PEOPLE KISSING YOUR GROUND YOU'RE GIVING IT ALL AWAY FOR THEM BABY YOU KNOW I'D HATE TO SEE YOU CRY BUT I DON'T REALLY THINK I KNOW WHY 'CAUSE YOU'RE AN EVIL THING BABY you said it was never enough yeah you said there was some mystic place where the grass was always greener and the children play and the sky was always blue but you didn't notice what was right in front of you