Between the Lines
Between the Lines Tracks:
1. All of the Answers
2. Evil Thing
3. Nailed
4. Winning Hand
5. Will to Shine
6. Hard to Say
7. Don't Give up
8. Memories
9. Killing Time
10. To Fly
11. You Don't Know
12. Covert Oscillations

Will to Shine


i tell you i don't live for tomorrow i can barely recognize today you swear to me your heart is hollow this life has turned your passion to it's grave release me i can't live without your silence turn your hand away from my distaste feel the motion as it winds down end the master race OVER AND OVER I FEEL I'VE FELT THE LIGHT WHAT HAS GOT THIS HOLD ON ME HAND ON MY SHOULDER I'VE PAID THE DEVIL'S PRICE I'VE SEEN THE ANGEL'S EYES I'VE HAD THE WILL TO SHINE just let yourself right in my door is open we'll pass the time in any way we can we'll talk about the pain that ripped you open we'll help ourselves remember how to laugh did you notice that your body's weak and old now it slipped out with the scent of rain don't be afraid nothing's ever over you'll just close your eyes and open them again