Between the Lines
Between the Lines Tracks:
1. All of the Answers
2. Evil Thing
3. Nailed
4. Winning Hand
5. Will to Shine
6. Hard to Say
7. Don't Give up
8. Memories
9. Killing Time
10. To Fly
11. You Don't Know
12. Covert Oscillations

Killing Time


when hunger strikes you again you return to take your feed how could you choose to live your life a slave to this infernal machine CAN'T TELL ME CHILDREN OF THE WORLD WOULD CHOOSE TO LIVE IN PAIN STOPPING HUMAN MADNESS TAKES KNOWING WHO TO BLAME RETENTION COMES FROM REPETITION AND EVERYDAY I WATCH THEM DIE NO ONE'S HERE TO STOP ME I'M JUST KILLING TIME when mommy has no time your role model's on the tv but what you see is a lie fueled by corporate greed is this really your home i find it hard to believe that you were nurtured here alone a slave to this infernal machine